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Why Gippsland Jersey Milk Stands Out - A Story of Resilience, Fairness, and Kindness

In a world inundated with options, one dairy brand stands out above the rest - Gippsland Jersey. As a consumer, it's not just about the product itself, but also about the values and stories behind it. Gippsland Jersey isn't just milk; it's a symbol of resilience, fairness, and kindness in an industry facing challenges at every turn.

But it’s not just milk. The Gippsland Jersey range includes;

  • Milk

  • Cream

  • Cultured Sour Cream

  • Cultured Butter

Gippsland Jersey - Founded on Resilience

The journey of Gippsland Jersey began with adversity. Steve Ronalds, a tough farmer, faced a life-altering motorbike accident that left him unable to tend to his cows for eight months. This vulnerability, coupled with the tragic loss of Sallie's father to suicide, propelled Steve and Sallie into a crossroads. They sought to add value to their Jersey milk, produce it sustainably, and support struggling farmers.

Glass Bottle Milk
Milk with Cream on Top in a Glass Bottle - So good it doesn't even make it home!!

Out of this hardship emerged Gippsland Jersey, a beacon of hope for farmers and consumers alike. By working with smaller family-owned dairy farms and paying them a fair price for their top-quality local Jersey milk, Gippsland Jersey bypasses large milk processors, creating value-added products while supporting local economies.

The Values That Set Them Apart….

Gippsland Jersey's approach is rooted in three fundamental pillars: fair pricing for farmers, tackling the stigma of mental health in rural areas, and practicing kindness. By prioritising emotional well-being and promoting suicide prevention among dairy farmers, Gippsland Jersey is not only producing exceptional dairy products but also making a positive impact on rural communities.

Gippsland Cultured Butter - Real Butter Made the Traditional Way!!
Gippsland Cultured Butter - Real Butter Made the Traditional Way!!

It's More Than Milk....

For me, the highlight is Gippsland Jersey isn't just a brand; it's a movement. With a commitment to premium Jersey milk products, fairness, and sustainability, Gippsland Jersey is paving the way for a brighter future. By respecting everyone in the chain, from dedicated farmers to the shops selling their products, Gippsland Jersey is more than just milk; it's a symbol of hope and kindness in a world that sorely needs it.

Gippsland Jersey isn't just the only milk I'll buy; it's a reminder of the power of resilience, fairness, and kindness in shaping our world. So the next time you reach for a carton of milk, remember the story behind it and choose Gippsland Jersey for a taste of something truly special. The Gippsland Jersey product is what milk was meant to be!

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