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Human Resources

Business owners must comply with Australian workplace laws. Our consulting services can help your business comply with these laws and improve your human resource management practices.


Most importantly though, we can mitigate financial and reputational risk. 


We can support your business in a number of areas.


These include;

  • developing strategies and plans

  • recruiting the best available people

  • supporting the development of your team with training or helping them improve their performance. 

  • prepare tailored employment documentation such as position descriptions, letters and contracts for your business.

  • provide you with templates, forms and streamline your processes

  • performance management

  • STP Payroll

  • outsourced book-keeping services

Employing people can take up a great deal of time and effort. Our aim is to simplify the process and ensure that you are free to run your business!

Contact Us to find out how we can assist your business!

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Performance Management

The elements of a good performance-management system are simple, but integrating them into a business’s fundamental operating system is more difficult than it seems. Before you start managing an employee's performance consider if you are fully compliant with the legal and ethical requirements of managing your employee's performance.

Effective performance management is essential to businesses. Through both formal and informal processes, it helps them align their employees, resources, and systems to meet their strategic objectives. It works as a dashboard too, providing an early warning of potential problems and allowing managers to know when they must make adjustments to keep a business on track. Remember, just because something is legal, does not mean that it won't affect your business reputation!

Before you start managing your employee's performance, reach out to use for advice. We can assist with;

  • creating a performance management process for your business 

  • provide validated templates for your meetings with underperforming employees

  • ensure that you follow Australian standards and checklists when undertaking performance management

  • provide you with templated letters to your employees that will ensure that you meet the Australian standards

Where Do Things Go Wrong?

In the real world, the details of performance management systems are difficult to get right. The most common pitfalls of any system are;

  • Poor metrics

  • Poor targets

  • A lack of transparency

  • The lack of relevance

  • Limited dialogue

  • Poorly designed consequences

  • Lack of management engagement

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HR Projects

When you need Seamless Delivery From Start to Finish - trust your project to First Class HR Solutions....


Ensuring Project Goals Are Met

For businesses that require assistance for a specific human resources project, our team of highly experienced consultants have the necessary expertise to ensure that your project is successful and that all your project goals are met, within a specified timeframe.

Our services are tailored to meet the needs of individual clients, but we always follow clearly defined and agreed upon project plan to ensure that we deliver seamlessly from start to finish.

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Why Us?

We have worked on hundreds of projects across all the areas below, from setting up recruitment practices and implementing HR technology to developing performance review practices and remuneration strategies.


We are experts who have a strong track record of delivering best practice HR support to our clients. Our team is here and available now to support you in reaching your people and performance goals.

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