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First Class HR Solutions

At First Class HR Solutions we are truly your integrated HR Solutions partner.

Our Services

Recruitment Solutions

Job interview

First Class HR Solutions provides End-to-End recruitment services for candidates. 

Human Resources

Job interviews

First Class HR Solutions provides tailored end-to-end and single option HR Services across all industries. No matter the size of your project, we are your HR Services specialists.

Performance Management

Asian woman having a job interview

First Class HR Solutions are specialists in performance management, appraisals and staff retention programs

Work, Health & Safety

Safety Wear

First Class HR Solutions provides tailored safety programs to protect your business reputation.

Business Consulting & Marketing

Office Environment

First Class HR Solutions offers specialist consulting to the Hospitality and Retail sectors. We also provide marketing and print services.

Partner Services

Fist Bump

First Class HR Solutions is proud to contract to, and recommend a selected group of partners across Australia, New Zealand, America & United Kingdom. 

Learning & Development

Online Tutoring

First Class HR Solutions develops award winning training programs and Learning Management Systems. We are passionate about delivering a tailored learning solution.

Corporate Event Management

Event Hall

First Class HR Solutions delivers world class corporate events - from gala dinners to award nights, all without the HR Hangover!!

Resume & Cover Letters

Curriculum Vitae

First Class HR Solutions works with candidates to create industry leading Resume's, Cover Letter's & Selection Criteria Documents.

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Office & Mailing Address

First Class HR Solutions

Ground Floor

470 St Kilda Rd

Melbourne Victoria 3004

0421 082 097

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